Enjoy Your Personal Backyard Escape Anytime You Want

Enjoy Your Personal Backyard Escape Anytime You Want

Call Atlantis Pool Cleaning to inspect and maintain your pool

One of the perks of owning your own pool is avoiding the chaos and rowdiness of public pools. Make sure you can use your pool whenever you want by hiring Atlantis Pool Cleaning to maintain it for you. You might not enjoy your pool as much if you’re forced to scrub it yourself. We’ll do the hard work for you so you won’t have to stress about upkeep.

Call 704-222-3751 now to schedule weekly or biweekly pool cleaning services. We clean spas, too! You can also reach us via email at service@atlantispoolcleaning.com.

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Atlantis pool cleaning offers weekly and biweekly cleaning options. Those services include:

  • brushing
  • netting
  • vacuuming
  • tile cleaning
  • water testing
  • chemical treatments
  • skimmer and pump basket cleaning
  • backwashing when needed
  • quarterly filter cleaning

Other services we offer:

1. Pool Openings
2. Pool Closings
3. Inspections
4. One time cleaning - please call for a quote.

  • paperless billing
  • no door hangers (reports emailed to you directly after your technician leaves your pool.)
  • no contracts for residential